GTSGgmat[element1, element2, basis]
gives the product of two coset representatives of the factor group G/T (G being a space group, T the group of pure lattice translations)of a space group


  • GTSGgmat is an extension of GTgmat for space group elements.
  • GOTakeModTrueControls if the full translation vector of the product of element1 and element2 is given or if the tranlaftion vector is given mod the basis vectors.
  • See: W. Hergert, M. Geilhufe, Group Theory in Solid State Physics and Photonics. Problem Solving with Mathematica, chapter 2.1.4.

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Basic Examples  (2)Basic Examples  (2)

  • First load the package.
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  • GTSGgmat also works for nonsymbolic representations of symmetry elements. The output will be in the same form as the first element.
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