Hello + many thanks for GTPack.

I was not able to reproduce example in GTVibLatticeModes available in GTPack help files, namely:

SetDirectory[NotebookDirectory[] <> “/datasets”];
GTLoadStructures[“GTPack”]; bto = GTGetStructure[7];
GTVibLatticeModes[bto, 1, Oh, GOLattice -> {a -> 1},
GOTbEquivalence -> False, GOIrepNotation -> “Mulliken”,
GOVerbose -> False]

using GTPack 1.32 and Mathematica $version: “12.0.0 for Microsoft Windows (64-bit) (April 6, 2019)”.

The output shows Equivalence representations, but not Vector ones or Lattice modes, see screenshot.

Not sure if bug or version incompatibility.

Thanks in advance!

Matthias Geilhufe Answered question 5. May 2022